Taxi services & pricing

Cars are not allowed everywhere in the resort, so you might need to take a cab from times to times. The taxis are everywhere. You can find them on the street, near your hotel, next to the clubs or you can call and order a taxi over the phone.Compared to the prices in Sofia the taxi prices in Sunny beach are almost double or triple. But that does not mean that the taxis are expensive. Compared to the taxi services in Western Europe, USA or Russia the taxis here are cheap. You can expect a price between 1 and 2,5 EUR per km. The prices vary in the different taxi companies and that is why it is very important to check the prices before going into the taxi. By law all taxis in Bulgaria are obliged to list their prices on the front windshield, and on all doors windows. Some drivers are pulling down the windows so the customers can not see the price stickers. In such case go to the front of the car and check the sticker on the front window.You should know that the price consists of the following elements:

  • Initial tax
  • Price per kilometer
  • Price for waiting per minute
  • Price for calling the taxi over the phone to specific address

There is also a day rate and night rate. The night rates are more expensive.