Shopping in Sunny Beach

Shopping in Sunny beach is literally everywhere. On every street there are dozens of booths and small shops selling everything starting with clothes, accessories, hats, towels, souvenirs, art, crafts, food and beverages. In general shopping in Bulgaria and Sunny Beach is very cheap. There are some very expensive designer shops and boutiques, located almost next to stores that are selling cheap copies of their products. It is up to you or your budget to chose which ones you would like to buy.In Sunny Beach there is the only open-air mall, called Royal Mall and located in the center of the resort, around the 5 stars “Barcelo Royal Beach” hotel . And if you want to visit another shopping mall you will have to go to Burgas (at 27 km distance from Sunny beach).

There is almost 2 km line of booths and stores located at the seaside area, right next to the beach. The “shopping street” is a nice place to visit during the night. You can combine a relaxing long walk with some shopping during the evenings.  Along this area there are many attractions, like human cannonball, flying carpet experience, 3D simulators, ancient photos and many others. Going out at 20:00 you can walk, enjoy some attractions and shop at the same time.