Bulgarian seaside weather

In Bulgaria we are enjoying 4 seasons beautiful spring, dry & hot summer, long & pleasant autumn and cold & snowy winter with opportunity for skiing. But the best time to be here is in the summer.There are 2,000 to 2,400 hours of sunlight per year. During the summer the temperature within the country ranges between 16°C and 27°C. The weather in the regions with an altitude more than 1000 meters above the sea level is mountainous and along the Black Sea coast it is maritime.

Along the Black Sea, the average January temperature ranges between -1°C and 6°C, and the July temperature ranges between 21°C and 30°C. In general the summer is sunny, dry and hot. Rain falls at the seaside are very rare and if there are any it rains for a few hours and then everything gets dry in a matter of minutes.

What to wear in Bulgaria?
Lightweights are worn in the summer or at the seaside areas and the lower inland areas. Warmer clothes, rain wear or jackets are not needed, but it is good if you have something in your luggage just in case if the temperatures fall. If you do not want to carry light sweaters, jackets or other warm clothing during the summer, you should know that you can easily buy whatever you need as the prices start from only 10-15 EUR.