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Irakli Beach


Irakli Protected Area is located 5 km from Cape Emine and its total area is over 42 hectares. The area is remote from the large resorts, which makes it attractive for young people fond of camping. During the summer, in the area can be found many tents to rest here. The area is widely popular among nudists.

Location: North from Emona
Irakli map. How to get to Irakli in Sunny Beach
Cape Emine

Cape Emine

Cape Emine is the easternmost endpoint of the Balkan Range. Located 12 km from Sunny Beach. The rocky headland divides the Bulgarian coast of the south and north. The beach there is very dangerous for shipping, because the cape is surrounded by hundreds of underwater and above water protruding rock formations.

In the area of Emine are the remains of the fortress Emona and medieval monastery. On the nose there is an active lighthouse.

Location: Emona
Cape Emine map. How to get to Cape Emine in Sunny Beach
Poroy dam

Poroy dam

Poroy dam is located 13 km from Sunny Beach. It occupies an area of 4450 acres. There are good conditions for commercial, recreational and sport fishing, boating and hiking. Poroy dam is accessible from all sides and its shores offer great places to picnic or camping.

Location: East from Sunny Beach
Poroy dam map. How to get to Poroy dam in Sunny Beach