About Sofia City Guide

About “Sunny Beach Guide”

SunnyBeach-Guide.com is an online travel guide dedicated to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria and targeting the foreign tourists, that are planning their vacation in Sunny Beach or looking for fun and entertainment.  Most of our visitors are planning their vacation in Bulgaria 30 to 90 days prior their actual trip to Sunny Beach. They proactively search for information about airlines flying to Burgas, hotels and accommodation in Sunny Beach, rent-a-car services or other transportation, places to see, where to eat, go out and have fun in the evening.

At Bulgaria Guides ltd. we are working to ease the customer conversion process and lower the expenditures of hotels, rent-a-car companies and local businesses while presenting and marketing their products in the International market. By providing a direct contact by the end-customer and the local professionals, the business is saving money by not paying commission fees, SEO services and expensive advertising costs.

As a unique high-tech information and cross-sales marketing platform, Sunny Beach Guide is optimized for the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.) which provides great online visibility to our customers. Many companies are using our services as the links in Sunny Beach Guide are crawled by Google and that affects their official web sites Google PageRank (PR) and affects their positioning the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Every day thousands of people are conducting a million searches about places in Sunny Beach and services offered by companies in Bulgaria.  As per our online research there are more than 1million web searches about Sunny Beach related terms a month. Over 200 000 people are coming to Sunny Beach every month during the summer season and the vast majority of them are using Internet travel guides to research the destination. All this makes the Internet travel portals the most effective marketing method to reach the international customers.


About “Bulgaria Guides” Ltd.

Built on a culture of innovation by a team with more than a decade of industry experience, our company develops programs that add value to our clients’ existing marketing strategy and maximize online results.  While we continue to expand our global presence, we provide platforms which allow local businesses and foreign customers to communicate directly, to build trust, to improve performance and build strong relationships.

Currently our network drives growth for over 300 Bulgarian and international brands and companies. Our customers benefit from a full suite of industry leading tools and technologies, supported by a proactive account management team of marketing and technical experts.